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Thanks Laurie, and Histoland,
My client does what Laurie suggests.  Perhaps, I need to clarify: Please read 
information below: This is regarding RAW chemicals such as: Iodine crystals, 
Sodium Thiosulfate, Mercuric Chloride, and Copper, etc, and dry Dye Stains, that 
do not have expiration dates.  I don't have a written policy for evaluation of 
these chemicals and dyes that do not have an expiration date.  How do I know 
they can use these chemicals and dyes to make up the final end solutions.
My client currently visualy inspects these chemicals and dyes to see if they 
appear to be OK, they put another year to review "visually".  How can an 
untrained, non-chemist, judge by visual inspecition if the chemical is OK???
I need a written policy to adhere to CAP guidelines.
 Akemi Allison BS, HT(ASCP)HTL
Phoenix Lab Consulting
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Hi Akemi,

Our procedure for evaluating stains/reagents is to run control tissue.  If the 
control works, the stain/reagent is good.  And that is done much more often than 
annually - it is done every time the stain is performed.


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Hi Everyone in Histoland!  
Happy Hump day!  I have 2 questions to ask you.  The CAP "#ANP.21382 Reagent 
Expiration Date", Evidence of compliance requires a written policy for 
evaluating reagents lacking manufacturer's expiration date.

I worked in the Biotech arena for several years in R&D and manufacturing.  We 
had procedures which were in compliance to GLP and manufacturing standards.  
These policies were much more rigid than for AP departments, who adher to CAP 

Would any of you kind people like to share a copy of your written policy with 
me.  I would be forever grateful!

Second  question: How do you address powder dyes, and chemicals in crystalin and 

powder form, which are extremely old and do not have an expiration date?  What 
is your criteria for passing of failing these chemicals and dyes?  Do you 
visually inspect these chemicals and dyes on an annual basis, and if they look 
fine, give it another year for a visual check with next years date, or do you 
send them out to a company for analysis to see if they past required 
specifications???  That would be pretty costly!

If anyone has a written procedure for this I would love to see it too!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Akemi Allison BS, HT(ASCP)HTL

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