[Histonet] Research charges

Mary Lloyd lloyd.3 <@t> osu.edu
Thu Jan 6 05:34:58 CST 2011

Would anyone like to share their charges for research.  I am interested
in these charges.  
Routine processing
Hand processing
Unstained slides
Routine Special Stains (PAS,GMS etc.)
I would also like to know policies on charging for repeat work.  If a
researcher is interested in an area(bone) that is difficult and needs to
be recut over and over again because of lifting and folding in the area
of interest.  After using many different techniques I have resolved the
problem but some researchers demand more and more for free.
  Also I have a couple of researchers that stand with me while I am
cutting through the block to keep the lesional slides only in their
blocks.  It takes around 45 minutes per block.  Is their any
compensation for the time I spend with the researcher. 

I put through some new policies and prices but my pathologist says I
need documentation of those charges.
 Thanks Mary

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