[Histonet] Manual Coverslipping Safety Issues

pbaldwin <@t> MicronEnvironmental.com pbaldwin <@t> micronenvironmental.com
Wed Jan 5 12:21:58 CST 2011

   Amos  and Eric - you may this cost comparison chart in our December 20
   blog    ([1]http://greenchemistryforlife.wordpress.com)   useful   for
   attaching a dollar value to safety hazards in the lab.

   Not  only is  compliance with safe work practices necessary to protect
   employees    (and    others),    but    it   is   required   by   OSHA
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   1. http://greenchemistryforlife.wordpress.com/
   2. http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/healthguidelines/xylene/recognition.html

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