[Histonet] Manual Coverslipping Safety Issues

Hayes, Randi (HorizonNB) Randi.Hayes <@t> horizonnb.ca
Tue Jan 4 12:13:59 CST 2011

We haven't manually coverslipped here in almost 5 years.  The cost of
the coverslipper as well as the consumables is still cheaper that a lab
assistant (at a full pro-rated wage including pension & benefits).
We've also been able to extend it's usefulness to other departments in
our laboratory who have stopped manually coverslipping their slides and
instead put them on our instrument.  Haematology (bone marrow aspirates)
and Microbiology (parasitology) have both benefited tremendously.
Safety is a huge concern but I don't think you are going to win your
battle using that angle.  Like it's been said in a previous post, good
ventilation can solve that (as well as xylene resistant gloves).  My
experience in my own facility has been to break it down on paper in
dollars and cents (sense, pun intended!) and no one can argue with
saving some money (and you get consistent quality!)

Good Luck!

Randi Hayes
Histology Supervisor
Horizon Health Network
Moncton, NB  Canada

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