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Are the individual pieces that have the staining problem larger than the rest of the pieces in the same block? What type of tissue is this happening with? Is it happening with tissues that are coming from one particular account? It seems that if the staining issue is not across the board with all your tissues or even with tissue pieces in the same block, than you need to look at some of the above questions. Tissue such as a skin tag may seem small enough for a bx run, but in reality, tissue like this is sort of like a basketball.... The tough outer skin does not allow for the processing solutions to pass through easily and penetrate as it should. Even a large skin tag or colon polyp that is bisected may have this happen on those pieces that are like half a basketball...solutions get trapped inside, but cannot penetrate pass the outer shell. And so these pieces end up improperly processed. Or, if this is happening with a particular account, could something have changed there..new pe
rsonnel that may not know the importance of proper fixation,  and are individual tissue pieces drying out before being placed into the fixative?  You mentioned Alaska, could any of these possibly have become frozen or partially frozen in transport? 
good luck
AmySue R.

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