[Histonet] Polymer detection kit on rat tissue

amitapandey <@t> torrentpharma.com amitapandey <@t> torrentpharma.com
Thu Feb 24 04:11:53 CST 2011

Dear histonetters,

I am lost in data sheets of  IHC detection kits . Please help me  to 
finalize one good detection kit for my purpose.

I am planning to do immunohistochemistry on paraffin embedded rat kidney 
tissues for mouse monoclonal and rabbit polyclonal antibody (not  double 
I am looking on Dako envision, vector immpress, Novolink , the company 
like Biocare/ Max bio vision suggest the Rat specific detection kit....Got 

Also send me  your opinion on ABC detection versus polymer detection 

Thanks in advance for your view.


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