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Tue Feb 22 07:09:26 CST 2011

Hi Joe,
We just completed an extensive tissue processor evaluation.  We have an
Excelsior and use it exclusively for biopsies.  It is a good processor with
very little hands-on maintenance, with the one exception that you cannot
access the reagent bottles for regular cleaning.  This becomes a problem if
using for larger, fatty tissues.  My concern with the Peloris is the
possibility of downtime affecting both retorts.  We do not have the luxury
of purchasing two dual retort processors and I could not be without the
capacity of the two retorts for any length of time.  You can't beat Sakura
for tried and true technology (we have 2 old VIP K series still kicking) and
excellent service.
Good luck in your decision.

Lori W.


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Greetings all,
if you had to purchase new tissue processors, which one would you choose?
Microwave technology is out of the question. Are Sakura's still a good buy?
We've tried the Leica Peloris and the Shandon Pathcenters. Thanks for your


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