[Histonet] PAS with Diastase Digestion

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Did you run a glycogen-positive control slide?  I'm probably stating the obvious, but the "with" and "without" slides should look the same if there was no glycogen in the tissue.

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Hi Histonet-

I recently ran a PAS/D stain and had some issues with it.  Both "with" and
"without" slides came out looking the same so I'm guessing my digestion step
didn't work!  I used a Malt Diastase solution (0.5g to 500mL water) for my
digestion.  This is the procedure I used:

1.    Deparaffinize and hydrate to water.

2.    Place the sections labeled “with” in diastase solution preheated to
37˚C for 1 hour.  Hold the sections labeled “without” in distilled water.

3.    Wash in running water for 5 minutes

4.    Place all section (with and without) in 0.5% periodic acid solution
for 5 minutes

5.    Wash in 3 changes of distilled water

6.    Place in Schiff reagent for 15 minutes

7.    Wash in lukewarm tap water for 5 minutes (immediately sections turn
dark pink color).

8.    Counterstain in Mayer’s Hematoxylin for 3 minutes.

9.    Wash in tap water for 10 minutes

10.   Dehydrate starting with 95% ETOH, clear, and coverslip.

I am wondering if my solution possibly got too warm in the oven and hindered
the enzyme activity, or is it possible I left it in too long?  Any tips
would be much appreciated!  Oh, and I have about 300 slides to stain, so
spitting on them is my last last last resort!  Haha!  Thanks in advance for
all your help!

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