[Histonet] Artifact or dirt on slides using a tape cover slipper?

Nancy nancy <@t> pathologyarts.com
Fri Feb 4 14:12:13 CST 2011

At our facility with have 2 Tissue-Tek automated tape cover slippers.  The
brand of tape that we use is made by a company called Klinipath,  KP Tape
(dist. By Mercedes Medical).  

On occasion we get complaints that the slides appear to have areas of dirt
or dust on them.  It appears to be on the inside.

  Has anyone else that uses a tape cover slipper ran across this particular
problem? If so, what did you do to troubleshoot?  If it is the tape, is
there another brand or type that is preferable?


Nancy Mitchell

Pathology Arts, Inc

Director of Sales and Marketing



nancy <@t> pathologyarts.com




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