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Nicole Cosenza asks about acetylcholinesterase methods.

Years and years ago in London we used Koelle's method to demonstrate cholinesterase in muscle and mouse diaphragms. The method we followed was in Pearse E, Histochemistry - Theoretical and Applied. Volume 2. Churchill Livingstone. London 1972. Pages 1312 - 1316 has several different methods. The enzyme was visualized with ammonium sulphide. The tissues were mounted in glycerine jelly. If the method worked too well and we could not see the motor end plates, we adjusted the pH to reduce staining.
Dr Filipe went on to publish her own method in Filipe I., Lake B., Histochemistry in Pathology. Churchill Livingstone. London 1983 page 322. In her method, she used osmium to visualise the enzyme, instead of ammonium sulphide.
Stain technology used to have articles about the method too. I have not heard of Karnovsky or Roots methods, but lot of different methods were published in the early days of enzyme histochemistry.
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