[Histonet] TTF-1/background staining

Paula Lucas plucas <@t> biopath.org
Thu Feb 3 14:38:01 CST 2011

How can I eliminate the background or as you say, non-specific staining?


I'm no expert here, I admit, and so I'm asking for your help and
suggestions.  I have searched the Histonet archives, and a lot of what I'm
seeing deals with animal or rodent tissues, and a lot of it was confusing to


To give you a little background info:

We use the Lab Vision stainer and the TTF-1 antibody we use is from Cell
Marque.  We were having issues with this marker from Lab Vision, so we
switched to TTF-1 a while ago.  We use the UltraVision LP detection kit from
Lab Vision. It's a polymer driven detection kit. 


The antibody is a ready to use, and we have the time set at 30 minutes.  


We were getting the background staining on a liver specimen last week, and
we also had this problem today on a lung case.  My doctor is getting
frustrated, and wants me to do something about this, and to repeat the TTF-1
stain on the lung, so if someone can give me some suggestions to try, I'm
ready to try them.


Thanks in advance,


Lab Manager

Bio-Path Medical Group

Fountain Valley, CA

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