[Histonet] Rat endothelial cell immunohistochemistry

amitapandey <@t> torrentpharma.com amitapandey <@t> torrentpharma.com
Tue Feb 1 23:03:02 CST 2011

Good morning to all members,

I am new to histonet , would appreciate your opinion on selection of 
antibody for rat endothelial cell immunohistochemistry staining.
I wish to perform  IHC on paraffin section of  kidney of  SD rats 
(ischemia reperfusion of renal artery model).

I am confused with selection for  CD-31 or RECA-1, which will give me the 
better result to visualize the mature or damaged endothelial cells.

I have sort listed the santacruz sc-1506 Ab (CD-31) or abcam (RECA-1), but 
not sure about its result on paraffin section.
Which antibody should i select or do you suggest me to use other antibody?

Your view will be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Amita Dubey
Toprrent Research Centre
Village Bhat

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