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I will clarify.  This person worked in the gross room as a PA and decided he wanted an HT.  So he watched over the shoulders of the histologists and learned enough to see the basics and then studied for the exam without ever cutting or staining a slide in Histology.  His theory was - I cut frozens and do H&Es it won't be hard to pass a test with no practical and no one is checking to really see what I know besides what I learned in books and through acquiring testing examples so why not.  Guess what it was enough and he has an HT now.  I don't believe he has ever worked in the field as he is gone now and somewhere out of state. 


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How do you become a certified HT and not have any lab experience?! 
That's crazy. 
Not that i know anything about being an HT, but I'm a lab tech and I can't 
imagine going into the job never having been in a lab at all.  What exactly 
do they teach you?! 


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