[Histonet] HT positions still available!

Esther Peters epeters2 <@t> gmu.edu
Tue Aug 30 16:24:50 CDT 2011

I am posting the following position announcements for Dr. Patricia 
Latham, Department of Pathology, at George Washington University (GWU), 
in Washington, DC. If you are interested in the positions, please 
contact her directly: platham <@t> mfa.gwu.edu. Applicants should already be 
located in the DC area.

One position is funded for development of a histopathology core lab in 
the GW School of Biomedical Sciences. This lab will be expected to 
provide tissue processing, sections, routine and special stains and 
immunostaining to meet the needs of researchers at GWU, primarily in the 
Biomedical sciences, but all departments will be invited to submit 
tissues. This person will need to work independently to deliver 
excellent quality results in a timely manner from the get-go. The person 
should have good managerial skills, since there will be a need to 
maintain inventory and to keep track of the flow of specimens and 
charges. Ideally, the person would have an entreprenurial spirit since 
the success of the lab will determine its future existence. The position 
is assured for 2 years, but it could grow to full-time, if the lab does 

The second position is not available quite yet (but very soon) and this 
person must also be a qualified histotechnologist with experience. This 
is a contract position at half-time to provide a service to a Pharma 
project - now scheduled through May 2015. The work involved for the 
contract will be very limited to a select number of routine stains and 
one immunostain. However, the person will need to be entering data into 
an audit-trail database and to maintain meticulous records and 
interdepartmental communications on a limited but international scale. 
There will be significant time not involved in the contract work for 
research projects that I intend to pursue. It would be ideal for someone 
wanting to take an advanced degree or to get involved in biomedical 
research. This person will be more like a research assistant, except for 
the contract obligations.

Esther C. Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

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