[Histonet] harrasment for humble histotechs

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I think that I have worked with some of these people, like I posted previously, if you don't commit the effort to learn and perfect your technique and understanding when you are learning and a student, and try to do a "work around"- short cut,  by cheating, IT WILL SHOW at some point. This may not catch up with you that day, or even the next, but in a specific lab or market, people get to know pretty quickly and easily who is really committed to doing quality work , who knows the how and why of what they are doing, and who just shows up for a job...

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> :o). I'm not even sure I could find my results after all these years and 9 moves!
> I *do* remember how picture perfect those slides had to be though. Tiny air bubble=graded down. Folds=forget it. Knife marks=bad.
> I did both the HT and the HTL practicals and now new students don't even have to submit them. I didn't cheat, but over the years I saw students attempting to cheat. If I saw them, I would remind them that they were to work independently, but who knows what they did when I wasn't looking?
> Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.
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> > Gentle harrassment. I encourage you to look at you scores for your
> > practical and written exam. Between gigs I am getting my important
> > documents together and found my old scores for the HTL, no thte HT,
> > however, both parts of the exam were taken by yours truly. Never got
> > into the talk of practical vs no practical. I do think it si a good
> > idea to keep it. Honest techs will be proud to do a practical. Looking
> > at scores made me feel good that the next great job is right around
> > the corner.
> > 
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