[Histonet] Baboon Tissues

Mike Tighe mtighe <@t> trudeauinstitute.org
Tue Aug 23 10:10:36 CDT 2011

Hi All,

We received some frozen Baboon spleen tissue from the NIH that turned out to be very difficult to cut. I am experienced with Mouse tissues but rarely have to cut tissue the size of my thumb. The best information I could get was that the tissue was not put through a sucrose gradient but put directly into OCT. The OCT seemed to come off the blade just fine but the tissue seemed spongy and looked more like lung tissue (with many holes) once it was warmed on a slide. My first thought was that it had been put through a sucrose gradient that was not complete. I tried colder and warmer temps with thicker and thinner sections.

My question list

Is there anybody who has had a similar problem and do you think it is a tissue processing problem (No hope).
Do you think it is a cutting problem? (only hope is for a better technician than me, maybe)

 I have an opportunity to get more tissues collected from a collaborator. What would be the best way to collect these tissues be?

Thanks again for all your help!!!

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