[Histonet] aqueous mounting media

mesruh turkekul turkekul <@t> gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 09:40:33 CDT 2011

Depending on the staining you can use different mounting media. If it is
only histological staining just mount the slides in 80% glycerol prepared in
water or compatible buffer for the staining (whatever mounting media you use
first test if it is compatable with your staining). If you have fluorescence
staining then you may need to use anti-fade media. Most anti-fade media
contain so called free radical (singlet oxygen species) scavenger chemicals
that ara not compatible with all fluorescentdyes. You have to always test if
the anti-fade mounting media is compatible with fluorescent dye you are
using. Alternatively you may use Mowiol 4-88 from Calbiochem. Mowoil does
not contain any free radical scavenger chemicals and prevents
photobleaching, it compatible with almost all fluorescent dyes.

Mesruh Turkekul MSc, HTL(ASCP)QIHC
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