[Histonet] Details about Masson Trichrome Stain !

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Tue Aug 16 12:14:25 CDT 2011

Details about Masson Trichrome Stain !
Biebrich Scarlet:
Biebrich scarlet 2.7 gm
Acid fuchsin 0.3 gm
Distilled water 300.0 ml
Glacial acetic acid 3.0 ml
I am not sure what the Biebrich Scarlet here is ? Acid Red 66 or acid Red 73 ?
Acid Red 73 http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/ProductDetail.do?lang=en&N4=49823|FLUKA&N5=SEARCH_CONCAT_PNO|BRAND_KEY&F=SPEC
Acid Red 66 http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/ProductDetail.do?lang=en&N4=B6008|SIGMA&N5=SEARCH_CONCAT_PNO|BRAND_KEY&F=SPEC
What is the main difference between these two? 
May I choose 66, 73 or anyone?
Thanks !
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