[Histonet] LKB 7800B KnifeMaker

Coughlin, Beth coughlin <@t> musc.edu
Mon Aug 15 09:54:08 CDT 2011

Does anyone have some quick tips for adjusting a knife maker, specifically a LKB?
We have the guide that came with the equipment. However, it's not very clear (to me) how to adjust the alignment based on what the guide says. It just seems to be an index of sorts without very much advice on how to realign the machine. 
Basically I'm getting knives, even squares, that are not straight on the edge. So, I think the scorer isn't lined up right. But, when I get squares to break, the pins seem to be too far to the edge because there's sometimes a lot of cracking and chipping that's going on too...
The head histologist in the lab says she fixed it, but if anyone could help with general tips and/or guidlines for the future, it would be much appreciated!

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