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Jeff and Wanda Gray wgray19 <@t> sc.rr.com
Mon Aug 8 18:31:03 CDT 2011

Amita and all,
Love my Microm 355S, and automated beats manual, hands down. (Pardon the
pun) Automated has allowed me many years of freedom from repetitive motion
injuries. Been in the field, let's just say"amny" years, and am only just
now developing problems, while older colleagues who didn't have the benefit
of automation suffer and have surgery. I know my day will come with computer
use and duties other than cutting, but automation is awesome!
Wanda Shotsberger Gray

Hello friends,

I am planning to  buy a microtome for my lab ....i already have Leica manual
one which is working perfectly.

Now I wish to introduce a fully motorized one. 

Short listed items are: Leica RM2255, Microm 355S, Shandon Finess ME.

Let me know your frank review on
1. manual versus automated option
2. Above all three items.in terms of their performance, maintenance and
breakdown etc. or due you suggest any more better option

Thanks in advance for your feed back. In past also histonetters helped me 
to solve many problems, looking forward this time also.


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