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   I have seen this done many ways, some people have h202 at th   their  depara  setup  if  doing  that  off line.  For the Leica Bon   instrument  we were advised to do h202 block just before the DAB and i
   hav   years  h   affected  by  it so   may  be.   There  was    needed to be h202 blocked be   work  if  you  did not do the block b   show that each ab has to be handled sp


   A  little  aside  here and techni   having  trouble  with  the  Leica  ap/red  ki   advised  by  Jim Burchette not Leica to use H202    substrate chromogen and that has really improved the ap   for  us  which  we use a lot on derm samples.  I know    phos uses levamisol as a block and not h202 but for some rea   works so I don't argue with it.








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   &   Hi folks...
   I  am going to try to revam   a  couple  of  spec.  sheets  from  our   conflicting information...so I am turning to y   When doing immuno's that require either HIER or enz   you  perform  the  retrieval  first or do you do the "peroxid   first??
   One   spec.   sheets   says   retrieve   then  block  endogenous  per   oxidase...the  other says block endogenous peroxidase then do the HIER
   or en   One  other question that I have is   stain??  The  enhancing  solution  that  we  w   discontinued.
   Thanks so much!!
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