[Histonet] Processing of derm specimens

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Wed Aug 3 10:36:41 CDT 2011

How many 100%  do you have.  I have 3. This is where the dehydration comes
in. The 100 takes all the mositure out of the specimen. So this step is
critical. Water and xylene are not soluable so if the specimens are not
getting dehydrated properly, the xylene will not penertate the specimens
either. Next is make sure your specimen are not thicker then 3mm.
Espceially lipomas and cyst. Try to cut them as thin as possible. Note,
the caseous inside of a cyst will likely not process and usually expoldes
on a water bath. Next, make sure the specimen cassettes are propely placed
inside the tissue rack. If flow between cassettes is restricted, a portion
of a specimen could be raw.

Hope this helps.

Nicole Tatum HT ASCP

I have recently had a problem with my skin specimens being
> "underprocessed". I use a Leica 300ASP. The schedule is as follows:
> 10% NBF x 2 for 1 hour ea.
> 80% Reagent Alcohol for 1 hour
> 95% Reagent Alcohol x 2 for 1 hour each
> 100% Reagent Alcohol for 1 hour each
> Xylene x 3 for 1 hour each
> Paraffin x 3 for 1 hour each
> The specimens are "mushy and swell on the ice"
> Any input is welcome.
> send response to :
> _scrochiere <@t> nedlc.com_ (mailto:scrochiere <@t> nedlc.com)
> thanks
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