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Because each tissue block has its own characteristics regarding fixation and processing some of which can influence the reactivity. If you have a bank of negative controls, how can you be sure that any of those blocks have received exactly the same treatment and reacted in the same way to the test block?
The same goes for any bank of positives, so that is why you should have a positive control section in the same slide as the test section.
René J. 

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   Why do you need a negative control for each block if you are runn= ing
   the  same  antibody  on each patient block?  Is it just for case by c   ase  reference  so  the negative is filed with the patient slide?  Why
   co=  uldn't  you  have  a control slide bank that was dated so all the
   slides you d= id on that day, on that run, could be referenced back to
   that control? = ; Just curious?

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   We run negative controls on every block of a case within the same run.
   On autopsy cases, we only run 1 negative per tissue type, within the
   same run...this is the only exception to the rule of 1 negative per
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   I have a hypothetical question to those who run IHC on Ventana
   Are you running your negatives with your patient/test cases or on a
   run? Also, if you are doing this and have to use a different detection
   how do you work the QA/QC portion of this for CAP requirements.
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