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   Why do you need a negative control for each block if you are runn   the  same  antibody  on each patient block?  Is it just for case by c   ase  reference  so  the negative is filed with the patient slide?  Why
   co   slides you d   that control? 
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   <[3]HistoNet <@t> lists.uts   We run negative controls on every block of a case within the same run.
   On autopsy cases, we only run 1 negative per tissue type, within the
   same run...this is the only exception to the rule of 1 negative per
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   I have a hypothetical question to those who run IHC on Ventana
   Are you running your negatives with your patient/test cases or on a
   run? Also, if you are doing this and have to use a different detection
   how do you work the QA/QC portion of this for CAP requirements.
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