[Histonet] fridge/freezer storage space

Edwards, Richard E. ree3 <@t> leicester.ac.uk
Thu Oct 14 06:07:46 CDT 2010

Does  anyone  out  there  have  an  effective policy  for  monitoring the storage of material at  4C,-20C or -80C. At  the  moment  if  any  more  space  is required the  solution is  usually  to  buy  another fridge  or  freezer, which then takes up  more  floor  space, uses more  electricity and quickly fills as individuals use   the  space that has become available. So  can  anyone  suggest/ or  has in place  a  system whereby  the  contents  of  fridges/freezers can be  monitored on a  regular  basis and  old/out of date stuff is  disposed off. I expect  that all  you  GLP laboratories have  it  sorted,  and  I  would  welcome  any  input  from you. Ours is a  university lab where  no  such  rules/regulations seem  to  exist and  often when people  leave they  forget  to throw  out their stuff which can then  remain for  years.

                                          Many  thanks

                                                   Richard  Edwards
                                                          Leicester University

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