[Histonet] mislabeling of slides and blocks

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Tim, I would both agree and disagree with your statement.  We're all human.
We all make mistakes.  However, I do believe that 'systems' can be put in
place which can render the likelihood of errors to almost zero.  

By 'systems', I mean either computer systems or some manual mechanism that
may require checking and rechecking, perhaps by different parties.

While I'm not an expert on other people's tracking systems, I do believe I
know my own system pretty well, and I would tell you that it would be very,
very difficult, if not impossible to mislabel blocks and slides in our
system.  Could you do it?  Yes, I can imagine anyone can defeat a
computerized system or a manual system if that is their intent, but then
that's another question.

Michael Mihalik
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Glad I never worked at that lab, never would have made to a supervisory

I have to agree with Sarah, two infractions in a 12 month period is
extremely severe. I don't care if you have Vantage or any one of the million
tracking software packages out there.  Especially with the shortage of
qualified Histotechs out there to be so picky is not good.  Anyone that has
worked for a busy Histology lab knows mistakes happen, we all want them
caught prior to going out but there are so many areas that these mistakes
can happen.

We do have a policy on mislabeled slides (or any infraction), there is a
verbal warning, written warning, final warning and then if it happens again
we would go to more of an extreme conclusion.  That being said, we also
would go over with them how the mistake happened, ways to avoid that type of
mistake and then track that employee's slides more closely.

Now if an employee made the first mistake in January and the 4th one in
December of that same year I am still not sure we would dismiss that person.
Especially if than employee in good standing, maybe there are extenuating
circumstances going on.

Two and out is pretty severe.

Just my two cents!

Timothy Higgins, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager

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   Holy  cow  man!!   Fired for mislabeling 2 times in 260 days!!&=bsp;
   Have  you  never been human and made a mistake?!  I could understa=d
   if  it  was  a  tech  on  a regular basis messing up, but that seems a
   little =razy, especially if you are in a high volume hospital!!

   Just my opinion...
   Sarah Goebel, B.A., HT (ASCP)

   XBiotech USA Inc.

   8201 East Rivers=de Dr. Bldg 4 Suite 100

   Austin, Texas  78744

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   I'd  be  happy to share mine but it is very strict. People are given a
   final=written  warning  for  the  first  mislabel  not caught in the
   department and ca= be fired for the second within a year.
   I  highly  suggest  the  Ventana  Vantage  (there are others but in my
   opinion  Va=tage is the best) bar code system for patient safety. It
   also  relieves th= stress on your Histo techs because the bar coding
   helps them assure they =ave the correct slide, block, etc. Techs are
   hard  to  find  and  if we start=iring for inevitable human error we
   will  cause  even  more tech shortages.<=r> When you look at all the
   costs  that  a  mislabel can incur, (law suits, repla=ing personnel,
   rework, etc.) the cost of the software is not too bad.
   Janice Mahoney HT(ASCP)
   Histology/Cytology Coordinator
   Alegent Health Laboratory
   4955 F Street
   Omaha, NE
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   Hello everyone,
   I   was  wondering  if  you  could  share  your  policy  for  employee
   infractions of =islabeling blocks and slides? I would like to get an
   idea  of  what  the  stan=dard  is  out  there.  Any  help  would be
   Thank you
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