[Histonet] ECM stain for growing cartilage

Liz Chlipala liz <@t> premierlab.com
Thu Oct 7 14:19:38 CDT 2010

Hello Everyone


Is anyone out there aware of an ECM stain that can be used on growing
tissue culture cells in a hydrogel.  What I'm really looking for is a
live stain I can use on the whole gel and see with a light microscope.
I want to get a general idea of the amount of ECM that is growing.  So
it could just be a general bulk ECM (proteoglycan or collagen) stain
that will show a contrast from the gel.  And I want to be able to return
the gel to the incubator and do the stain again multiple days later.  I
have searched extensively for something that would do this and I have
come up with nothing.  Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance




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