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Another consideration as a few have mentioned could be with your
automated stainer (if you use one).  We have a DAKO autostainer and we
found our staining had become very sporadic.  When I did a repeat run
manually, everything was beautiful.  We found that a pump on the stainer
was going and it wasn't washing all the reagents off the slide between
steps.  In addition the probe needed to be replaced as it was drawing up
air into the lines and the volumes it was dispensing on the slides was
variable from slide to slide depending on how much air was in the probe
lines at any given time.  If you do use automation, when was the last
time the machine had a PM?  I agree with the others that tween in your
wash buffer is a must.

Joanne Clark, HT
Pathology Consultants of New Mexico


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Hi All,

Our pathologists have made a complain that the staining of slides have 
been a problem.  Same antibodies which stain one day does not work the 
following day.  This has been going on for a few months.  When we repeat

stain they either work or not work and we have been sending them to 
reference labs. 

Our tech support person was here and told us that the slides ( fisher
slides) have been a problem with some of her customers.  Meanwhile our 
surrounding labs which are using the same slides have no issues.  She 
showed us how the reagents were not spreading properly on the slides. 

Is anyone confronted this issue?  If so,  how was it solved? 

Thanks in advance.

Mala Srishan
Supervisor, Histology
Holy Name Medical Center
Teaneck NJ 07666

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