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Your situation sounds more like "contract" work instead of "consultation" work. Your have a right to expect and I suggest you must demand a fair hourly rate to compensate for your education, experience, time and effort. You must take into consideration the market hourly rate for the area your work and the degree of difficulty in labs acquiring quality technicians/technologists. In my experience, I believe that $30.00 - $33.00/hr base rate for routine Histology work is not unusual for a contract hire without benefits. I would also suggest that you set a minimum hourly guarantee of 4 hours pay each time you come in to work and negotiate for a shift differential of 10%-15% for working nights.
Remember, you are producing work that the lab or pathologist will be able to charge a minimum of $100.00/case, depending on the CPT code level and not counting the number of special stains or IHC attached to each case. You should have no issue in producing no less than 40 cases in a 4 hour period (embedding, cutting and staining). You must ask for fair compensation and always provide superior quality. Your contribution to the process is essential.
Additionally, if the lab was to hire a contract person from one of the placement services, they would be charged $60.00-$65.00/hr and have to make a set time commitment (typically 1-3 months). You are a known performer to the lab and they have examples of your quality, they do not have that level of knowledge or comfort if they hire an unknown contractor. 
You and all of us in our Histotechnology profession, as registered, trained, competent and educated technologists should expect and demand to be fairly compensated as an essential and professional member of the Anatomic Pathology lab process.

William DeSalvo, B.S., HTL(ASCP)

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> Thanks Nathan!! I just don't want to be cheated on what I will be
> getting paid. My old job is wanting me to come in and do the small
> amount of histology work they have. This would all be on evenings and
> weekends. It is not PRN, more like call me once a month and I will come
> do the work. I'm getting anywhere from $17/hr (that's insane!! How do
> you even sleep at night paying a registered, college educated person
> that? Working at Walmart would pay you more!!!) to $50/hr (which was
> more what I was thinking). Just trying to get a good feel, and not
> cheat myself or the other company.
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> If you don't know what the going rate is, that is exactly why you ask.
> That
> is what this forum is for. A little professionalism is appreciated.
> Nathan Jentsch
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