[Histonet] Tissue loss and FISH

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We recently had problems with our Superfrost Plus slides that we purchase from 
Cardinal. We had sections washing off and uneven staining. We switched to VWR 
VistaVision Histobond Slides and have had no further issues.
Sheila Haas
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We are a lab that has been running Pathvysion Her2 FISH for years
without any major problems.  Recently we have been experiencing more and
more tissue section loss. I have noticed that some of the loss is
starting during pretreatment. My temperatures for all steps are what
they should be.  During each temp. dependent step, we have two
thermometers giving similar readings. Nothing has changes regarding our
slide baking.  I have a call into the vendor of the plus slides to
verify the integrity of the lot.  I have recently noticed the labeling
on the pathvysion bottles is slightly different; I also have a call into
them as well.  

Does anyone have any thoughts?  Does anyone know of processing variables
that may have lead to this???? 
Thank you,

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