[Histonet] Disposable blade holder for a Leica 1512 rotary microtome.

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 14036833012 :                                                    
 High profile                                                     
 blade rail                                                       
 (twin) - set                                                     


 14036833013 :                                                    
 Low profile                                                      
 blade rail                                                       
 (twin) - set                                                     

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                                       [Histonet] Disposable blade holder  
             11/16/2010 11:09          for a Leica 1512 rotary microtome.  

I hope that someone on histonet could help me. Our research lab just
acquired an old Leica 1512 in good working order but lacking a blade
holder. Is it possible for us to find a blade holder for this machine or is
this a futile cause? Any information you all could provide would be greatly

        Bret Clough
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Temple TX.
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