[Histonet] ThermoFisher's PrintMate (cassette printer) and Slide Mate (slide labeler with scanner)

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we've had them for over two years and we still don't have the system up and 
running (for various reasons, some internal issues, some external issues). 
We had to stop automatically sending the slide queue from the cassette queue 
because of a lot of confusion with extra slides. A lot of slides were being 
wasted. We had to send the Checkmates back because the screens became dull, 
couldn't read the screen. They were fixed, I still don't know what the 
problem was. I even changed the battery on each machine. One time I called 
Thermofisher (or whatever they're called this week) because our cassette 
catcher wasn't working. I was told that they didn't have a manual for the 
Printmate and that it would cost $2000 to send out a rep to JUST look at it. 
I called my rep and asked what kind of crap that was. She told be to call 
the help desk, where I did get help and was able to fix it over the phone 
(thank you Cherryll).
Personally, I would not have purchased it. The Printmate has some quirks in 
it, even with the software up date. Sometimes, the machine looses it 
position. You have to close down the software, shut the machine off, turn 
the machine back on, wait for it to boot up, then open up the software. You 
have to use their cassettes because of the angle of the front of the 
cassette. We have tried other brands and only half the numbers were printing 
on the cassette. As some of you know, I really hate equipment that you have 
to USE their brand or it won't work. (remember my Ventana rants).
Wow, all that anger, frustration, just spilling out. not that I have anger 
issues. I've been to anger management classes 5 times.

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I'm interested in finding out if anyone is using ThermoFisher's  new 
PrintMate (cassette printer) and Slide Mate (slide labeler with scanner) and 
how they are working out for you.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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