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Hi Ashley,
the clearance is between 1-3 mm and I think that's too small. In a few days
Ventana will lift the arm with the hammer for additional 3 mm. That should
help for a reliable working of the instrument.
Half an inch is about 12 mm. I think, not even with the detection-kit-preps
this clearance is reached on our instrument.

What was astonishing for me is, that they never heard about such problems. 


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You might not have seated the top of the prep kit container all the way
down.  They should not be different heights.  I would take each of them and
press down on the top to make sure the lid is on properly.  If you set them
side by side and they are still different heights, I would contact your
Ventana rep immediately and show them this.  Otherwise, I am inclined to
agree with Clare that the reagent trays were not in the proper position.
You should have about a half inch of clearance between the hammer and the
top of the prep kit container.

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Make sure that the lids on your prep-kit dispensers are pushed all the way
down.  Since the space between the hammer and the tops of the dispensers is
so small, if one lid is not pushed down all the way the hammer will grab it.
Seen it happen many times myself!

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We have had the ultras for over a year now and that is a new one. Was the
rack of antibodies not seated properly? Just a thought.

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This week we've got the Ultra. In the first run it happend, that the
"hammer" touched a Prep-Kit from the side while rotating and pulled the
whole reagens-rack down. (That makes a very uncomfortable noise.)

We saw, that the distance between the hammer and the Prep-Kits is very
small, and it differs from Prep-Kit to Prep-Kit.

Has anyone of the Ventana Users similar experiences?


Gudrun Lang

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