[Histonet] Processing rodent tissue

Maxim Peshkov Maxim_71 <@t> mail.ru
Thu Nov 11 21:37:18 CST 2010

Some labs uses processing metod with isopropanol and
mineral oil with very good results.
Here is our manual protocol for rodent tissues:
1. Isopropanol 70% 0.5 h
2. Isopropanol 80% 0.5 h
3. Isopropanol 95% 0.5 h
4. Isopropanol 99% 0.5 h
5. IM 5:1 50oC 1 h
6. IM 2:1 50oC 1 h
7. Mineral oil 1.5 h (or overnight)
8. Paraffin 0.5 h
9. Paraffin 0.5 h
10. Paraffin 20 min
11. Paraffin 20 min.
Advantage of isopropanol consists in that ethanol
have "tide" effect and do tissues hard, but
isopropanol (IPA) not.
Mineral oil = paraffin with low molecular weight
and the infiltration is better and gentle. Mineral
oil is absolutely not toxic for personnel.
Transitions between IPA, MO and paraffin are very
Please let me know about results.
If you need any more details please contact to me.
Best wishes,
 Maxim Peshkov,
 Taganrog.                         mailto:Maxim_71 <@t> mail.ru

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