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Thu Nov 11 11:10:56 CST 2010

My responses to some questions I have received (also FYI for anyone else
with the same issue):

     Are you using the tape coverslips or the glass ones?  If using the
it will only be removed with acetone.   See what your mounting medium is
based with (Xylene? Toluene? etc.,) and see if Formula 83 is compatible
- that may be the issue.

We use glass and coverslip by hand (if that matters).  Mounting medium is
toluene based.

     We are completely xylene free and we use an aliphatic xylene substitute
from VWR (catalog # 95057-820)...We use the Ventana Symphony for staining
and coverslipping and those coverslips we just place on a hot plate for a
minute or so and the coverslip slides right off...But we used to use a tape
coverslipper and the xylene sub removed those coverslips just fine! Hope
that helps!
What temp is the hot plate?  I have put slides in the oven at 65 for a while
and haven't gotten the coverslip off.  We don't have a hot plate.

Brandi Higgins
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