[Histonet] xylene

Brandi Higgins brandihiggins <@t> gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 10:22:44 CST 2010

Good Morning Histonet!

We use xylene substitute for almost everything, but I still find that we
need to keep some xylene on hand for certain tasks, especially removal of
coverslips.  We use Formula 83 for everything else, but I have let slides
soak in Formula 83 in the past for a multiple days and still couldn't remove
the coverslip.  Are there any labs out there that are completely xylene
free, and if so, what substitute are you using and are you able to remove
coverslips with the substitute?  My employer would like us to be 100% xylene
free, but I feel we need the xylene for these few tasks.  Thanks in advance
for you help.

Brandi Higgins

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