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Tue Mar 30 18:04:19 CDT 2010

Hi All of you in Histoland,
I am working with a facility that recently purchased a Thermo Excelsior Tissue Processor.  They have had processing problems with several of their specimens using non-xylene clearing agent.  These issues were with both bx's and larger tissues.  The program and the non-xylene clearing agent was recommended by the technical staff at Thermo. 
The histology staff have switched back to using xylene verses the non-xylene clearing agent, and most of the issues have disappeared.
Also, the histotech's were using reagent alcohol, histological grade.  This grade of alcohol is denatured with methyl alcohol.  The sales representative was in and informed us that this type of alcohol has damaging effects on the instrument.  The representative will be coming in to flush out the system and reprogram the instrument next Monday.  
I looked over the current VIP program which is being used, and the program, timing and temperatures are a little different from most hospital and private laboratories I have worked with.  We are going to use basically the same program for the Excelsior, that we use on the VIP.
I would like to know what other Excelsior Tissue Processor users that use xylene have for their programs.  It would be great to compare the reagents, programs, timing, and temperatures for Routine overnight runs and for Rapid Biopsy Runs.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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