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You can buy a new or refurbished HI-76 knife sharpener  thru Hacker 
Instruments and it will come with a warranty.  If you find one  on Ebay, you can 
get the replacement honing and stropping wheels from  Hacker. ( I know, it's 
quite the name for a company that sells knife  sharpeners).  The HI-76 comes 
with an instructional video.  It's the  one thing that is usually missing 
when you acquire used equipment.
The guy you need to talk to at Hacker is Jim Mullen 800-442-2537.
Good luck with your search.
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Hey  Guys,

What¹s the most convenient and economical way to sharpen a knife  for an
AO860? I know there are commercial services you can send the knife  to. I¹ve
also seen used knife sharpeners on ebay. Since my AO microtome is  so nice,
I¹m tempted to get one of the AO knife sharpeners (like the 935).  Any
recommendations on what to buy or look for in a used knife sharpener?  Any
recommendations for a book or website on basic knife sharpening  techniques?


Caroline  Bass
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