[Histonet] Unsubscribe Help

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 17:42:54 CDT 2010

Or perhaps,
     More helpfully, drop them an email OFF LINE and pass along the
information that is so easily found at the end of each message. I am amused
by some of the messages berating the poor sots that are foolish enough to
try to unsubscribe in this way (bravo, really), but the long discussions
that ensue are probably more of an impedance to good discussions than the
easily deleted offending unsubscribe request..
     Incidentally, if anyone thinks a periodic message regarding how to
unsubscribe, perhaps posting such information periodically yourself might be
a good idea. We can actually do that ourselves. The moderators are busy and
get nothing beyond our gratitude for their efforts. Personally I appreciate
the hard work and try to ask of them only that which we cannot do ourselves
such as removal of spammers & troublesome members.

Just my $0.02,

Peter et al.

All people have to do is read the instructions. How much simpler can one
make it? Hit the delete key when you see any sort of unsubscribe message.


Peter Carroll wrote:
> sometimes, i feel like im stuck in some histonet unsubscribe timewarp. i
hate it!
> i really wish that the histonet admins would address this 'unsubscribe'
madness once and for all. the periodic notices on how to unsubscribe arent
working and sadly, the casual subscriber has proven that they dont know how
to properly use a listserv...  someone needs to rethink how this list is
administrated. i mean no offense, just constructive criticism. if theres any
way any of us can help out, im sure many of us with various expertises would
gladly volunteer, just say the word!
> i am confident that i speak for all of us when i say that this repetitive,
mindless unsubscribe business really detracts from the quality of my
histonet experience, and theres no reason why we cant work together to fix
it cone and for all :)

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