[Histonet] Anti-human abs work on porcine tissue

RICKY MATHIS cmmathis1 <@t> bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 17 20:15:11 CDT 2010

I work with some porcine tissues and it is sometimes difficult to find antibodies specific to pig.  A doctor I work with asked some one he knew in Europe about using antibodies that are listed as working in human being used on porcine tissue.  This person stated that there would be about a 10% chance that the anti-human antibodies would work on porcine tissues.   The antibody companies mostly give the same "we did not try it on pig tissue" response.  I understand that it is likely expensive to continue to test antibodies on a wide variety of animal tissues, so that is fine.  But what do you guys think about the 10% chance?  I would have said more than that.
Thank you in advance for your time,

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