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Sun Mar 14 11:14:28 CDT 2010

Thank You very much.English is not my first language also. My native
language is Spanish, so I also make grammar mistakes once in a while :). I
meet an histotechnician who first got a bachelor degree in microbiology but
could not get a job, and he started to volunteer in a pathology lab. All he
did was simple tasks just as labeling and filing slides, then he got trained
in histology since he showed interest. Since he has no degree in histotech
only the HT licence of PR he was not payed very well so he decided to pursue
his studies in cytotechnology, now I think he will graduate this year during
the summer. Sometimes we prepared ourselves for a specialization and ended
up something entirely different. That's how life is, but as you say the best
thing is to prepare yourself for everything to say competitive in the
clinical laboratory science field. There are labs in Puerto Rico where even
the histotech has to work in the reception area!.

Your story is inspiring, this is my first time working, so I have a lof of
pressure, since I think I am the only HTL in Puerto Rico who got a histotech
degree in the U.S, the rest here are just trained. Very few also have the
ASCP certification, the government of puerto rico provide their own
licenses. A university in Puerto Rico used to offer a 1 program course of
histotechnology but I think they stopped the program in the early 90's.
Since I got educated in the U.S the employees in the lab expect me to know
everything. I have no work experience, but I had my internship in the U.S,
then I worked as a volunteer in two diffent pathology laboratories in Puerto
Rico, the way they organize their system is very different, so in my first
two weeks it has taken time to understand their system. I started off good
but I have made my mistakes but from your mistakes you learn. I hope I keep
pursuing this career for a long time like you and have the chance to teach
students in a histotech school. I wish I could open one here, it is very

We'll take care.

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