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Thu Mar 11 13:05:17 CST 2010

Back in 1974,  I wanted to take some summer classes through my high school.  There was an interesting class through the Ingham Intermediate School District called "Exploratory Health".  It highlighted three vocational programs at the Career Center in Mason, Michigan, one of which was called "Histology".  I spent a week being exposed to Dan Spencer, then instructor showing us what the program and Histology was all about.  I was hooked and at the tender age of 14, started the process of being admitted to the program.  I started in the fall of 1976 in this ASCP accredited program under the new teacher Betsy Krummery.  Betsy was not a whole lot older than we were, but she was a great teacher.  I went half day to the program for two years, concluding with three internships at two area hospitals and one in the Department of Human Medicine's Pathology Department at MSU.  There I met one of the most influential Histotechnologists that I have ever worked with - Nina Miller.  By graduation in 1978 I was board eligible, and applied at the  next available time which was August.  As us old timers recall, you could only apply in February and August, and then took the practical, followed by the written which I passed the 1st time and have been a registered tech for the last 31 years.
Mary (Quandt) Abosso
Aurora, Colorado

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