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Sally, I started in Electron Microscopy after taking a two-year EM course at Delta College in Stockton, CA. I had never seen a histology lab before starting work at Valley Medical Center in Fresno, CA. I gradually started helping out in histology when I didn't have enough EM work to keep me busy. I started by coverslipping, worked into special stains, then cutting (though I never really cut very much). I started the immunohistochemistry service there in 1983. The guys in our lab (literally - we had four men, no women!) started a study group to work on the HT test and we took that in 1989, all passing. Later I took the HTL and passed that. After I left Valley Medical center ion 1993 I worked primarily in immunohhistochemisty and managed histology labs. I went to Saudi Arabia for 5 years, then Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, into industry with Lab Vision (IHC Autostainer and reagents - a very eye-opening education on the vendor side of things!), and now back to histology at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. 

Histology is so varied and hands-on that it is always interesting. There is always something new coming along. I started in histology just before the IHC revolution, when virtually everything done in histology was based on 50 to 100-year-old technology. Now we are at the forefront right along with every other lab discipline. It has been a good ride all the way.

Tim Morken
Supervisor, Histology / IPOX
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco, CA  

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Thanks to everyone that sent their Story of How I Ended Up Doing This
Histology Thing!  I have gotten 50 or more replies!  The one thing that
strikes me is how many of us went into this profession without a clue!
With all the opportunities to recruit future histologists, this
Histology Day idea is a good start. On the original subject, I'm
planning to make one document out of all the replies and - WITH
PERMISSION - attach your name to the answers.  If you do NOT want your
submission listed because you want to remain anonymous, you must let me
know ASAP.  Send to: nmhisto <@t> comcast.net.  Thanks for your stories!


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