[Histonet] IF staining on peritoneal macrophages

Mauricio Avigdor bitesizellama <@t> gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 18:32:53 CST 2010

Hello Histoneters,

I am very happy to say that my cytospins are finally working and that cells
are staying on the slides throughout the procedure. Thank you very much to
all who chimed in or helped with trial samples.

I was almost ready to declare victory when I noticed one of my negative
control slides looked a bit much like it has specific staining. The
antibodies I have been using have not been giving the most even results.
Does anyone have a recommendation for an anti-mouse F4/80 antibody? And a
matching FITC-conjugated secondary antibody? Is anyone here doing IF
staining of mouse peritoneal macrophages?

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