[Histonet] problems with FISH

karen adams kadamsplw <@t> gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 12:17:45 CDT 2010

Hello all............. I am encountering a smudgy/milky apearance to my
urovision FISH slides.....not all in the batch are that way......I know my
temps and times were all go and have pH reagents again ....the only
variables I can not acct for are 1.  my alcohol.  Suppose to use 100%
Ethanol w/ no methanol in it.....vendor sent "reagent grade" anhydrous and
2. maybe did not incorporate agitation ?

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
K. Leigh Adams, MS, HTL (ASCP),SLS
Tennessee Urology Associates
800 Oak Ridge TPKE/STE A206
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
(865) 483-1800
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