[Histonet] Trying to locate metal slide racks for 19 slides

gayle callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Thu Jul 29 17:52:11 CDT 2010



It has been so long since we had to order these slide racks, I am can only
hope they are still made/available.  Lipshaw(that's digging into the past!)
/ Shandon / ThermoShandon used to carry them but not seeing them on Thermo
Scientific website.  What has been found are metal racks with slanted sides,
but those are unacceptable.  


The racks are stainless steel with straight sides, detachable handle, and
hold 19(20?) slides in horizontal position.  Handles are detachable.   


I think the last supplier who had these was RA Lamb, now part of Thermo
Scientific but not finding the racks on Thermo's website.  So far a search
has not located straight sided racks for 19(20) slides - only slanted side


A supplier would be greatly appreciated.     


Also, who still carries the 20 slide capacity staining dishes?   




Gayle M. Callis


Bozeman MT 59715



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