[Histonet] Re: Refrigerate formalin?

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs <@t> kcl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 29 15:00:57 CDT 2010

Hey, Sara!
Enjoy all them Hassles and Advantages in your NEW lab.
Best wishes,

NB: re Formalin fixation...one could argue that one should store such-fixed specimens in 90% alcohol, after the appropriate Formalin fixation time?
OR...30% Sucrose: now, THAT is a PRESERVATIVE and NOT a Fixative ;-)
However....loadsa variables.
For eg: ER/PR Ab immunolocalisation ..I understand that , for Clinical Labs ,there is a "window " of acceptible Formalin fixation?

So, if we store specimens in Formalin after diagnosis....all them friggin defined/optimised conditions are OUT of the window?
NB: why refrigerate Formalin?
It will do the same thing but, slower.
Stickthem tissues into 30% Sucrose?

Well, nobody knows anything rigorous re actuality of  Formalin fixation.

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