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Wed Jul 28 11:11:13 CDT 2010


I am having a problem with me VIP6 tissue processor. About every 4 to 6
weeks the processor has a error code that position 2 which is 80% has not
pumped in fully in the allotted time. Sakura answers to this problem is
either I need to use their formalin or the alcohol in the second station is
too high a concentration. I have never had this problem before in any
processor I have used. I still use the Shandon excelsiour tissue processor
and use the same protocol in both machines with no problems in the Shandon.
Sakura thinks it is a build-up of precipitating salts that is causing the
problem but there was no sign of this when the service tech checked the
rotary valve. After every process we not only flush with ETOH and xylene but
also run a warm water flush from the first station which is formalin. I use
a different bottle for the warm water but do use the same valve from the
formalin bottle. When we have completed 7 runs we run the 3 warm water flush
Sakura recommends. Even the service tech remarked that I was doing more than
they recommend.

 I am at a loss as to what it could be. My only conclusion is that maybe the
valve in station 2 intermittently collapse or sticks for some reason. I
wanted to see if anyone either is having the same problem or if someone has
a thought of what the problem could be. I did purchase a refurbished
machine. I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or even guesses that anyone

Thanks in advance for any help.


Cindy Pyse, CLT, HT (ASCP)

Laboratory/Histology Supervisor

X-Cell Laboratories


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