[Histonet] Fluid for snap freezing (as in histobath fluid)

ebinder <@t> mmm.com ebinder <@t> mmm.com
Tue Jul 20 12:09:02 CDT 2010

I noticed that our Novec 7100 has been discussed many times on Histonet as 
an alternative to isopentane in Histobath and we've had a number of 
laboratories who have ordered our fluid for this purpose.  I'd like to 
learn more about what works well, whether this is the best fluid we have 
to offer, how to understand this market.    Is it just because it's 
nonflammable that it's of interest? Or what other characteristics are 
My division is primarily involved in Electronics Markets, but if this is a 
new use, I'd really like to help and hopefully find a way to make the 
product more accessible and make sure it works.
I'm looking for up to 10 hospitals or labs who would be willing to 
participate in a formal evaluation (I would supply fluid).   I believe I 
can share results on Histonet if it's of interest.

Erin Binder
(651) 733 3203 office
(612) 290 6343 mobile
Market Development Mgr
Electronic Markets Materials Division

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