[Histonet] human on human IHC

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   Anything  using  FITC  is  pretty  expensive.  If you aren't want   flourescence  then  why  would you use this?  Does this specific conj   ugation  eliminate the Fc binding?  Conjugating to HRP doesn't seem to
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   Cc: "Histonet" <[4]h   Along  those  same  lines I have conjugated primaries to biotin and it
   works  b   extra  amplificati   using a rabbit-anti-FITC fo   Just  be  aware with human on human controls are imperative as you may
   get bi   Andrea Hooper
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   I am doing alot with this right now. The best thing I havefound to
   do is to conjugate your primary antibody with HRP, then just use
   the direct method (no secondary), and it turns out beautifully!!
   You can buy thekit to do this from Fisher. I can get the exact
   order number if you need it. Good Luck!!
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   Subject: [Histonet] human on human IHC
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   Does   anyone  know  of  a  human-on-human  IHC  kit  similar  to  the
   mouse-on-mouse kits
   that are available?
   Kim Merriam, MA, HT(ASCP)QIHC
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